If you know someone with special needs, a local man is organizing monthly surfing camps for people with disabilities. 

Ray Fanali works with the Special Olympics surfing team and wanted to do something on a local level.

"I've been surfing since I was about 9 years old and it became my passion.  The feeling you get from surfing is amazing and I wanted to help people that have autism or any disabilities to not let that stop them from sharing this feeling.  When they get on this wave, it's unbelievable."

Ray tells us his cousin is autistic, but he welcomes all kids and adults with special needs to his first free camp of the year at the north end of Lake Worth Beach on Saturday, April 12th. 

Qualified instructors and supervisors will be on hand.

"There's great programs like 'Surfers for Autism' and the Special Olympics, so what I did is try to take a little bit from all that and I wanted to create something local here once a month that people come back.  No matter what your disabilities are, come out and let us push you into these waves and get you that feeling that we're all searching for."

Click Here to reach Ray through his Facebook page or call 561-255-8267. 

To find out more about volunteering, Click Here for the Future 6 Helping Hand Fund.

Photo: Ray Fanali