We told you recently about a billboard showing up along I95, advertising a "for men only" family law firm.  It's one of many specialized law firms that are targeting men with advertising, and former Palm Beach County Bar Association President Michelle Suskauer tells us why.

"There's a perception that if you're a man in Florida, you don't have the upper hand.  That you have more of a burden because you're a man going through the system in family law cases."

Michelle doesn't buy that. 

"Each case is different.  Each family situation is different and I think it's a mistake to generalize and say that women always get the upper hand, because that's just not true."

She believes failed legislation to modify alimony laws last year is at the bottom of these "men-only" lawyers, with the firms using this niche to make money.

We also talk about whether there may be a discrimination issue at play here. 

You can reach Michelle Suskauer at SuskauerLaw.com and follow her on Twitter @criminalDfense.

Michelle Suskauer is a Florida Bar Board Certified criminal trial attorney, practicing for over 22 years with the Suskauer Law Firm.

She is a past President of the Palm Beach County Bar Association, the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, Palm Beach County Chapter and is currently on the Florida Bar Board of Governors, Board of Directors of the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Trend's Legal Elite and Florida Super Lawyer.

You may have also seen Michelle on our NewsChannel 5 partners, as she is their legal analyst.  She also appears as a legal expert on several national cable networks including Fox News, CNN and NBC. 

Photo courtesy of Michelle Suskauer