November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and this happens to be Palm Beach County Diabetes Week. 

The folks at the FAU Diabetes Education & Research Center in West Palm Beach are working to spread the word that diabetes is rampant in our society.

Eugenia Millender, the Director of the Diabetes Education & Research Center, tells us that while 10 percent of PBC's population has been diagnosed, somewhere between 40 and 50 percent are pre-diabetic, or walking around with diabetes, but are not aware of it.

Some of the symptoms include: Dry mouth, excessive urination and blurred vision. 

If you are concerned that you might be diabetic, Millender welcomes you to visit the center and get a screening during Diabetes Week. 

The FAU Diabetes Education & Research Center is located right now at St. Mary's Medical Center, along Greenwood ave, but it will be moving next year to Westgate. 

Image: Thinkstock