A couple of big productions at theaters this weekend, including a new one starring Robert Deniro that looks like it tries a bit too hard to be funny, while being, basically a mob picture.  Hap Erstein with PalmBeachArtsPaper.com gives us his reviews.

"The Family" - Robert Deniro and Michelle Pfeiffer play a former mob boss and his wife.  They are in the witness protection program and are moved to a small town in France with their two kids, but the mob discovers where they are due, in part, to old habits that don't die easy.  Hap enjoyed the "Bobby Deniro" factor, but says it wasn't anything special.

"Insidious Chapter 2" - We talked Hap into seeing his second horror film in the past couple of months, but he wasn't as pleased with this one as the previous one.   

Hap's Art House Pick of the Week

"Prince Avalanche" - The guy who directed "Pineapple Express" tries his hand at a more artsy pic, starring commercial star Paul Rudd.