Slim pickings at movie theaters, but there are still plenty of Oscar-nominated films on the big screen.  Meanwhile, if you want to see something new, your choice is between a Zac Efron comedy for adults or a film that your woman may think looks good, but Hap Erstein with has a warning for you.  It's not.

"Labor Day" - Director Jason Reitman lets Hap down with this unbelievable romantic movie.  That's not a compliment, it's truly hard to buy this story starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin. 

"The Best Author" - This one stars Geoffrey Rush as a high end auctioneer who lives a lonely unfullfilled life until he is hired by a reclusive heiress.  The film turns dark as it moves along.

"That Awkward Moment" - Zac Efron stars in a film about three friends who find themselves at the awkward moment in the relationships with their respective girlfriends where they ask themselves..."Where is this going?"  It's an R-rated comedy.

Art House Pick