Well that was predictable... 

According to Business Insider, the popular app doesn't delete your private photos after they 'disappear' on your phone. 

From BusinessInsider.com:

"A digital forensics examiner named Richard Hickman has found a way to resurface the private pictures on Androids. The finding is similar to a flaw Buzzfeed uncovered in December.

Hickman, 24, took a mobile forensics course at Utah Valley University. During his research there, he discovered that Snapchat stores every photo in a folder called "RECEIVED_IMAGES_SNAPS." An extension, ".NOMEDIA" is added to each photo file which makes them hard – but not impossible – to find.

"The actual app is even saving the picture," Hickman tells KSL.com. "They claim that it's deleted, and it's not even deleted. It's actually saved on the phone."'


Oh, and btw... my snapchat user name is robkruz. Snap away.