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Jay Steele


Dogs Who Can't Figure Out Stairs

Dogs are pretty smart, but when it comes to stairs some dogs act like they've forgotten how to even walk.  And I would never recommend trying to get a Saint Bernard to do something he didn't...
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iPhone Tip That Could Save Your Life In An Emergency

Remember this and spread the word. Hopefully you'll never have to use it but it's good to know in case you ever do. Source:  SFG   A public hospital employee named Julia...
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Zombies Have Evolved??

Apparently zombies have changed over the years.  Here's what they've looked like since the the way, this is the same guy being transformed into different zombies.  Good luck...
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Get Presale Tickets for Walk the Moon at the Walmart AMP!

You can get tickets for Walk the Moon at the Walmart AMP August 11 before anyone else!  Click this link between 10am-10pm tomorrow and enter the promo code KMXF.  Thanks for...
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Stickerboy Steals the Show in Iowa

Drake University student Peter Clinkscales stole the show during a Hillary Clinton speech in Iowa.  Turns out he's really not even a Hillary fan, but so far he's the most interesting thing...
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Bad Lip Reading -- NFL Style

I'm not usually a fan of these, but this BLR is funny:   //
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Boyfriend Rules...From 9 Year-Old Girls

This is actually from a Huffington Post  article two years ago, but still applies today. I guess girls know what they want from a pretty early age... 1) nice handwriting 2) cuteness...
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Epic Cat Jump FAIL

This cat had big plans for her jump...and failed miserably.  Aren't the they always supposed to land on their feet?   //
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