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Crowds Gather To Laugh At Robbers Who Locked Themselves In A Store

Instant karma...maybe hey should have used one of those stolen phones to call a locksmith:   //
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Kick It Down a Notch, Grandpa

It looks like the old geezer put a little too much effort into blowing out his birthday candles.  I'd probably skip the cake and just go for some ice cream instead...  ...
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Uh...What Button is THAT?

Robotic arms are so realistic these days, they can do ANYTHING a real arm can do!!   //
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Worst Frisbee Players EVER

Apparently it didn't come with instructions.  These two yahoos must think that's the flattest football they've ever seen...   //
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Conan Plays Polo

Polo in the Ozarks  is coming up next month...don't invite Conan O'Brien:   //
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That's GOTTA Hurt

They're doing this on PURPOSE.  Wow...   //
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Wannabe Robbers Should've Slept In

Two idiots with plans to rob an Omaha credit union were foiled Tuesday morning when they had trouble opening an inside door. They couldn't get past the second set of doors because it was...
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