Just 5 tiny little changes can make you happier in the new year..try these

1.  1 new place a month..be it a restuarant, a small business boutique, happy hour, park, etc.. try visiting 1 new place a month. Thats only 12 a year, its nice to break up the routine and try something new.

2.  Save $$..$1 each week and then a dollar more...week 1 save $1... week 2 $2..week 3 $3..etc..and you can find a chart to go by anywhere online...by the end of 2014 thats over $1300 saved...and if you can save more, even better:)

3.  Wake up just 10 minutes earlier.  Yes that snooze button is heaven, but for those who run late a lot or are stressed, that extra 10 minutes can make a world of difference, and after a few times, you will be used to it and feel much better mentally.

4.  "No Means No"..(For Real This Time)..Trying to make some changes? Then say no...If you see snacks in the breakroom, say 'no' and walk away....friends want to go out all the time, say 'no' once and a while, you wont miss anything you wont see next time...You dont have to say no to everything, just motivate yourself enough that it makes a difference.

5. Cut 100 calories a day..that is really not a lot. it can even be under 40 calories a meal. A spoonful or so could cut those calories and 100 calories a day equals 20lbs for the year!!!!!!

Now go enjoy the best year ever :)