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Eddie E.

They sometimes call me "The DJ that never sleeps"... probably because i don't! From up early trying find somewhere along the water to grab breakfast, to staying up until the wee hours after the club driving to South Beach. I've been with Wild 95.5 since 2002 having enjoyed making the best of a great job.

I have been privileged to say for the past 11 yrs I've been the 2nd highest radio/TV charity fundraiser in our area, raising personally over $200,000 each year thanks to many of your efforts, so thank you so much for helping the numerous animal and children's charities I've been apart of.

I was born in NY but went to High School here at Palm Beach Lakes High. I wanted to be a sportscaster on WPTV Channel 5 but found my way to radio. I played semi-pro football for 1 year but never got the call from the pros. So music it has been!! I could probably tell you every watering hole from Pirates Cove in Stuart down to Due South in Boynton.

You can always find me taking Club WiLD to the streets for the best ladies nights, so if you feel like letting loose on a Thursday or Saturday, come say hello during our broadcast at Off The Hookah.

Add me to your Facebook and until we meet or meet again...thanks for listening to Wild 95.5


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