Not one city in Florida! Really??

We've got a list here of the top 10 most REDNECK cities in the U.S.  Which isn't necessarily an INSULT to a lot of people . . . but a BADGE OF HONOR.

 The real estate blog Movoto put it together based on factors like high school dropouts, gun stores, taxidermists, cowboy boot stores, NASCAR tracks nearby, Walmarts, and tractor repair shops.  Here's the full top 10 . . .

 1.  Atlanta, Georgia.

 2.  Kansas City, Missouri.

 3.  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

 4.  Nashville, Tennessee.

 5.  Tulsa, Oklahoma.

 6.  Fort Worth, Texas.

 7.  Arlington, Texas.

 8.  Sacramento, California.

 9.  Cleveland, Ohio.

 10.  Mesa, Arizona.