I've worked in two of the least friendly cities in the country, being New Haven, CT and Hartford, CT (and the stats are totally true)!  According to Conde Nast Traveler's annual Reader's Choice Survey it's the friendliest and least friendly cities in the country:


10. Ashville, NC

9. Nashville, TN

8. Key West, FL

7. Jackson Hole, WY

6. Fort Worth, TX

5. New Orleans, MS

4. Telluride, CO

3. San Antonio, TX

2. Savannah, GA

1. Charleston, SC


Least Friendly:

10. Miami, FL

9. Wilmington, DE

8. The Hamptons, NY

7. Los Angeles, CA

6. Detroit, MI

5. New Haven, CT

4. Atlantic City, NJ

3. Hartford, CT

2. Oakland, CA

1. Newark, NJ