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In the past few years, Showtek has had major success with their songs like 'Booyah', 'Cannonball', and most recently working with David Guetta and Vassy on 'Bad'.  But they've actually been producing dance music since 2001, witnessing not only the underground side of it, but also the resurgence of dance into mainstream. 

"It's crazy!" they tell us, backstage after a recent show.  "If someone would have told (us) ten years ago that within ten years, it's going to be one of the biggest music genres in the world and it's going to be Top 40, we'd be like 'no way'.  And now, it's just going crazy...and even getting crazier."

That it is.

Showtek is now set to play Ultra Europe in Croatia in July and TomorrowWorld 2014 in September.  How do they prepare to play at these massive festivals?  And who are some of the artists they currently have their eyes on?  Find out, as we take you backstage with the brothers of Showtek.

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