[PHOTOS: VMA Highlights]

Music fans look forward to the MTV Video Music Awards every year. And why? Because each year, the show is packed with shocking performances, some of the best (and most horrifying) red carpet looks, and as always a few jaw-dropping moments (cough cough, Kanye West/Taylor Swift) that are burned in our minds forever.

[PHOTOS: VMAs Red Carpet]

This year's VMAs were no exception. With performances from Lady Gaga, twerk Queen Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake (AND *NSYNC!), Katy Perry, Drake, and appearances by Daft Punk, Nile Rogers, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and more, check out some superlatives from the 2013 VMAs below.


Best Pre-Show Performance: Ariana Grande
That girl can SING. Plus, how sweet is she?! She sparkles like the sequins on her pretty purple dress. 

Best Red Carpet Entrance: Pharrell
He took over the red carpet with BICYCLES. Lots of them ... doing fancy tricks! If you didn't know Pharrell arrived on the red carpet, here was your indication!

Best Dressed Female: Rita Ora
This dress is TO DIE FOR. Sparkles, feathers, a slit showing off your perfectly toned leg .. what more could you want in a dress?! Plus, Rita, could you BE any more gorgeous?! 

Best Dressed Male: Daft Punk, Pharrell, & Nile Rogers
There were a lot of well dressed guys at the VMAs this year but .. there was no competition to this. LOOK AT THOSE SUITS! LOOK AT THEM! They are glorious.

Most Adorable Couple: Robin Thicke & Paula Patton
Together since they were 16 - they take the cake. Plus, that is one amazing looking couple!! We don't know who to be more jealous of! Robin to be married to Paula, or Paula to be married to Robin! 

Retro Look: Jared Leto
We will call this look "grunge chic" - a new take on the '90s (which are back in full force!) 

Best BFF Moment: Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift
Did MTV really seat them next to eachother or did they request that? Also, they are wearing the same color. Twinsies!

Most Surprising Performance Moment: Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke
Whoever thought to combine Mr. Blurred Lines with the Queen of Twerk, we salute you.  

Best Comeback Performance: Lady Gaga
She re-enacted her entire new music video for "Applause!" That takes some serious skill to go through all those costume changes. Plus, did you SEE her body?! Lady G is back and better than EVER! Side note, she remained has Gaga the mermaid for the entire rest of the night!!! Sea shell bra and all.

Best Acceptance Speech: Taylor Swift
"I also want to thank the person who inspired this song, who knows exactly who he is. Because now I've got one of these. Thank you very much!" OUCHVILLE, POPULATION: HARRY STYLES. Plus, Kanye didn't ruin her moment. Double win for Taylor!


Performance of the Night: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - DUH.
If there is anyone who deserves the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, it is this beautiful man, right here. He can sing, he can dance, plus he is very easy on the eyes. His VMA performance was PERFECTION. We got a taste of every Justin Timberlake hit. We're all crying a river ... of happiness. And of course, the crowning jewel of the performance (and much anticipated) *NSYNC REUNION. THEY STILL GOT IT, AND THEY NEED TO GO ON TOUR IMMEDIATELY. 

[PHOTOS: 2013 MTV Video Music Awards]

And let's not forget about these moments:

DANITY KANE IS BACK. Welcome back to the dollhouse ladies. Is everyone else dying over Aubrey's outfit here?! LOVE.

Katy Perry performed under the famous Brooklyn Bridge - in  BOXING RING. All of New York could hear her ROAR! She's so fierce. 

Taylor Swift may have dissed Harry during her acceptance speech, but she also threw another punch at him when the camera caught her saying "Shut the f*** up" while 1D was on stage. Burn!

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