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Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun know how to deliver energetic music as Twenty One Pilots. They recently released their debut album Vessel, and their song "Holding On To You" is climbing the charts with the music video topping 600,000 views on YouTube (and counting). 

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The up-and-coming duo stopped by iHeartRadio recently, where they talked about weird dreams, facial hair, ukuleles, their hip-hop alter egos and more. Get to know Tyler and Josh beyond the music in OffBEAT with Twenty One Pilots. 

How are you like 80-year-old men?

Tyler: I like candles a lot. We both like candles. So I would assume old men like candles too.

Josh: Yeah, we both love candles, and also, I think I speak for both of us. We never know where we are.

Tyler: It’s true. When we're on the road, it's tough for us to know exactly where we are in the country. So we feel like we’re coming down with some old men disease.

Do you dream differently when you're on the road versus when you're at home?

Tyler: I think that I probably dream more when I’m at home just because I’m in my bed and I’m more comfortable. Because on the road you’re just in a different place every night.

Josh: I think, you know, I just remembered, I think last night I had a dream that, um, I wore a bra. And like, I was embarrassed about it, and that’s all I remember from that dream. But I don’t know, a lot  of times I don’t even remember my dreams, even when I’m home.

Tyler: Yeah, I remember we used to have to sleep in the van. Like in parking lots. And I would have weird dreams in the van. Just because it’s a weird environment. You just like start dreaming that you’re like getting broken into.

Josh: Yeah.

iHeartRadio: What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had in the van?

Tyler: Ever? In the van? I actually had a dream that Josh wanted to quit the band because he wanted to become a painter. Do you remember that?

Josh: You told me about that, I think I remember.

Tyler: Yeah, and I was so mad at him, that I told him that like, he sucked at painting.

Josh: Yeah! Oh yeah, you did tell me about that.

Tyler: Like I destroyed your dream of becoming a painter in this dream just so you would stay in the band.

Josh: Yeah.

Tyler: I’m pretty mean in my dream.

iHeartRadio: Do you paint?

Josh: No!

Tyler: Not at all.

Josh: Which is why he told me that I sucked. He’s a true friend! He’ll be honest.

When do you struggle to find joy?

Tyler: Good question. I think that I simultaneously find the most joy when I’m alone, and struggle to find it when I’m alone too. I think that’s just a very natural thing to be, very dynamic. I think we’re very dynamic people when we’re alone and can experience the highest highs and the lowest lows when we’re by ourselves. So, that’s for me.

Josh: No, I feel the same. There are times where it’s really good to be alone, and there’s times where it’s really bad to be alone. Because you kind of get to a point where you’re trapped with your thoughts. And sometimes that’s good, because you need to deal with it, and sometimes that cannot be good. And, it’s usually if we’re home for an extended period of time. It’s great to kind of like just go, you know, unwind and be alone. And then usually for me, after like a week it’s like, oh gosh, I want to go back out on the road and play and be with my friends.

What would be your ultimate rap stage names?

Tyler: We already know this. Mine would be “Pants” and his would be Teri – with an “I”

Josh:  Terri. Yeah, that would be my rap stage name. Although, I kind of like the spelling, like Hary but with a T. So it would be T-A-R-Y. Or it could just be T-A-R-I.

Tyler: Woah, that’s super European. I think we’re gonna go with that.

iHeartRadio: Would you wear pants on stage or would you not wear pants? Or would you wear crazy pants?

Tyler: I would not wear pants.

Josh: Maybe wrapped around his head.

Tyler: Yeah, I would wear pants as a shirt.

Josh: The whole time.

If you had to write Odes to each other, what would they be about?

Tyler: I’d write about Josh’s beard. And how important it is in my life.

Josh: I appreciate that!

iHeartRadio: So you’d be sad if he ever shaved it?

Tyler: Yeah, probably.

Josh: It’s not that great of a beard though it doesn’t really connect that well.

Tyler: It’s authentic.

Josh: If it did connect, it would be like everybody else’s beard, and you know, everybody does that. It’s kind of like I have two mutton chops that kind of like, accidentally go into a goatee or something. For Tyler, wow, I would write about his Ukulele, and how much he loves it.

iHeartRadio: Does your Ukulele have a name?

Tyler: Yeah, actually I was asked what the name of the Ukulele is in Chicago, and I had to think on the spot. Because I hadn’t named it yet. So from the stage I named her Chicago in Chicago. So now her name is Chicago.

Josh: They liked that a lot.

Photos by Shelby Case